Love Poem with Pig


When the people of Smartno threw their very last pig to the Turks
who had for months beset their hilltop town
they were gratified to look down
next morning and find the siege works
abandoned. Only stout defenders, the Turks concluded, would conjoin
blasphemy with beneficence. The way you poke a fork
at a slab of pork
shoulder or pork loin
on which you’ve yet to put your stamp
suggests you might succumb if my steadfastness were itself to fail.
Before you undermine
my confidence so I suddenly decamp
and go looking for some other hilltop town to assail
maybe you’ll toss me a little something? Maybe you’ll give me a sign?

[Το ποίημα υπογράφει ο πολυβραβευμένος Ιρλανδός Paul Muldoon]



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